Testimonials, continued      

I really love the drawings. They look like a mix of Carl Larson and Jan Brett. Perfect choice. It made me want to go straight back home for a visit. I think the story sounds fun and interesting too.
--Eleonor Jonasson-Brady, Idaho,
(Home-sick Swede)

My daughter Mikayla (age 11, Pensacola, FL) saw it and wanted to read it. When I told her she could, she picked it up and read it in one sitting. She loved the story and said it was a great book. She also loved the illustrations. She wanted to know if you were going to be doing another book as well.
--Matt Maracle, Police Officer
Pensacola, Florida

My son, Jonas, loves the story! Plus it helps him learn his English. I like the women -- very strong.
--Katie Sjöberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Dalarna Horse is an excellent, well-written book. As a grandmother and as a former reading teacher, I was SO impressed with it. My grandchildren loved it. It's an interesting story that captures one's attention immediately. I liked the use of colored ink to show dialogue as it makes it easy for readers to identify each speaker. I also loved the "Cutting Room Floor." I'm looking forward to the author's next book!
--Mil Prendergast, Flossmoor, IL

Too cute! Minnesota Swedes are going to love it. Is there going to be a sequal?
--Mary Fox, Minneapolis, MN

I store my outdoor gear in my daughter's old bedroom and while looking for something in there this morn I noticed a Dalarna horse sitting on her book shelf.  Looked a lot like a unicorn. Thank Dylan (the author) for me.  I'll never look at that rocking Dalarna horse quite the same again.
--T.R. Magnuson
Hillsborough, N. Carolina



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