Dylan O'Leary is a writer, native of the far Chicago suburbs and living in Pensacola, Florida. He has written, produced, and directed two feature-length films (www.ScoutsTheMovie.com) and holds a master’s degree in film writing and a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric. He is the father of a six-year old monkey, Malaren Anne.


I've been fascinated with the Dalarna horse since I was young. I first saw it in Swedish homes, shops, and restaurants in the States and I adored its rich, red vibrant image. I had no idea what it was but it was magnetic.

In 1999, I married a Swede, Jennifer, from Norsborg, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Mälaren, just outside Stockholm. When we visited Sweden with our daughter, Malaren Anne, I asked Jennifer: “What’s the story of the Dalarna horse? It’s everywhere.” She said, “There is no story.” And I said, “Well, there is now.”

The entire story popped into my head as one solid vision from start to finish. I saw it all -- the adventure, the tragedy, the thrill, the Vikings, the strong men and stronger women, and the magical red horse bounding into action -- in one breath-taking moment while strolling the tiny streets of Gamla Stan. It was done in an instant and I was ready to go the printers then and there.

It took me four years to write it.

Okay, that’s not exactly true. It took me four years (and another movie) to develop the story, formalize a business plan, write the story, get investors, rewrite the story, form the company, become a publisher, rewrite the story, work with Koral Wynn to develop the style, rewrite the story, add Koral’s brilliant ideas into the story, rewrite the story, and then go into production. Voila!

My advise to young comic writers: Get a publisher to do all the work.

So we hope you enjoy this mix of magic and myth and history and story (this "mythtory") that has been written for the kid in all of us.

Thank you,
Dylan O’Leary



Our one serious moment.








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