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My name is Dylan O'Leary and I've just published a new comic book (a “graphic novel”) about the dalahest. You can learn all about the book on the main page clicking here, or the banner, above.

I need people to go to shops in Sweden and tell them it's now available. I'm in sunny Florida, I can't go :(

I’m willing to PAY you for every bookstore and gift shop you visit and promote the book to. One “visit” includes giving the person a flyer (a "broschyr" that I'll send you) and writing down the name of the shop’s owner/manager, phone number, address, and website.

YOU NAME YOUR PRICE! We'll talk. If we can agree on a good amount, I’ll email a flyer to you for you to print and photocopy. I will pay you for the copy costs and I’ll have a copy of the book sent to you -- yours to keep!

Our book is carried by the largest book distributor in Sweden (ForlagsSystem AB, They offer it online so gift shops and book stores can buy it. But Forlags doesn’t advertise, they just send out email about new books to their clients and post the books on their online catalogue. So we need to make shop owners aware of the book so they can order it.

Before you begin, write to me because I want to make sure people don’t visit the same stores and I want to give you more details. 
Write to me at:


"The Legend of Prince Erik and the Dalarna Horse" Copyright 2008 Sweden Publishing, LLC USA All rights reserved.

P.S. My ex-wife is Swedish. Back in 2004, she and I and our daughter, Mälaren, visiting Stockholm. I saw the dalahest EVERYWHERE and I asked her "What's the story of the dalahest?" She said "Um, there is no story." I said, “Well … there is now.”


To see the web page featuring our book on Forlags' site, click on the Forlags link above,
and enter the words "Prince Erik Dalarna Horse" in the Sök field.